What is home education

What is home education

Home education, also called homeschooling, home learning or homeschool, is a form of education of children at home usually by parents or professional tutors in contrary to traditional education in which children are sent into a public or private school institution.

The home educated children learn the same program and often from the same books as their peers in institutionalized schools. However, the are many types, approaches and methodologies which can be used for home education, while growing popularity of home education also results variety of home education adjusted materials and medias. The choice what approach, methodology or type of home education of children to use is mostly up to parents as well as the leaning material and books they use off course as long it is in accordance with the laws of certain state or country. The level of freedom in home education greatly varies from country to country, while home education in some countries is even illegal.

The are several reason why parents choose to educate their children at home instead sending them to conventional schools. According to the research made by the US National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) the greatest percentage (31%) of parents decided for home education because of concern about environment of other school (these include safety, drugs or negative peer pressure), while the second most often reason was to provide religious or moral instruction (30%).

Home education or homeschooling should not be confused with unschooling which refers to a special form of education which is characterized by the use of unconventional curricula and learning methods.